International Workshop RISE

Start Date : 12-10-2017
End Date : 13-10-2017
Event Timing : 09:00
Location : BorĂ¥s, Sweden
Event Details : The 5th International Workshop on Concrete Spalling due to Fire Exposure emphasizes on real life experiences and observations, practical applications, experimental and numerical advances as well as structural design. The aim of this workshop is to obtain an overview of the current level of knowledge and to stimulate the discussion between researchers and representatives from industry, authorities and code-making bodies in order to promote the understanding of concrete spalling. Interesting subjects of the workshop are the recent achievements in experimental research and testing for determining the key material properties and underlying processes and its contribution to understanding the global spalling behaviour under various conditions. Of further interests are also the actual advances in numerical modelling of spalling process and structural design when spalling needs to be taken into account. Finally, the workshop will be the platform for practical applications of projects to avoid spalling of concrete.

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